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Kreeksyde Vizslas is located in Hudson Valley, New York. We are a small kennel dedicated to producing happy, healthy Vizslas that conform to the breed standard, with the love of the hunt, sound temperaments, and competitive in the show ring and field. 

We are Class A Game Bird Breeders so our puppies are exposed to birds right from the start! First and foremost, our dogs are members of the family, live in our home and sleep in our bed. They go just about everywhere we go!

(*show photos above courtesy of Dave Margolin)

Home Of:

GCHS (Silver) Boardwalk Avatar's

Sweet-N-Sassy Ayva JH CGC THDN CPP


See "Our Girls" page for further information on Ms. A. Also, see her infodog page

Putnam Kennel Club

July 20, 2013

Judge Eugene Blake

Best of Breed

Owner Handled Best of Breed

Owner Handled Group 2

(Judge Betsy Horn Humer)

Southern Adirondack Dog Club

August 13, 2011

Judge James Noe

Best of Breed/Group 2

Photo (right) courtesy of Andra O'Connell/Best Dogs in Motion

Photo (left)

courtesy of Shawn Duckworth

GCHB (Bronze) Kreeksyde Lady Antonetta

of Ayvilon JH CGC THDN CPP

Windham County Kennel Club

May 11, 2014

Judge Betsy Horn-Humer

Best of Breed

Annie at the Westminster

Kennel Club dog show - 2013. Photos courtesy of Steve Surfman Photography.

New England Sporting Dog Association

March 16, 2-14

Judge Joan V Savage

Annie - Best of Opposite Sex

Ayva - Select Bitch - Major

Shawangunk Kennel Club

June 20, 2014

Judge Nathaniel Horn

Best of Opposite

About Us:

We are Christopher & Christine Arnone. We live on over 10 acres on the Wappingers Creek in Hudson Valley, New York. After building our house and settling in, we decided it was time for a family dog. So, in July 2005, we did as I had done as a child, we went to a local dog show to check out the breeds we liked. As we walked around the tents behind the rings, my eyes fell upon an absolutely stunning dog – A VIZSLA. It was love at first sight for my husband and me. That settled it all! We forgot all about the other breeds we had come to see. We spent a great deal of time speaking to a breeder who had won Best of Breed that day, and then we went home to research the breed further to be sure it would be a good fit for us. In the end, we decided it was a perfect fit. Our first little girl, Ginger, was born Decmber 26, 2005.

All we initially wanted was a “pet”. Little did we know this pet would open the door to so much more! My husband loved the dog shows as much as I did and we started attending them more often. The breeder, Diane Gering, suggested we try showing Ginger. We decided to give it a whirl. My husband began taking handling classes and showing Ginger. She didn’t like the show ring much, but by then we were already hooked. After multiple dog shows, camping out at some dog show circuits, and making many friends, we decided we wanted another Vizsla, a definite show dog to continue on this journey to see where it would lead.  

In September 2007 at a LI Vizsla Club show, Ginger won Best of Opposite Sex. While at the hospitality tent after the show, we saw some beautiful little Vizsla pups one of the club members had with them. A few breedings we were interested in had fallen through, so we reached out to another Vizsla breeder. We were referred to friends of hers who had pups available. Those friends were Eddie and Jackie McAuliffe, and they just happened to be the couple with the same beautiful pups we had seen at the recent show. We were told they were looking for show homes, so we reached out to the McAuliffes right away. Thereafter we went to visit the pups at their home, and on October 12, we took home with us our second girl, Ayva. We knew then that this girl was special and would one day become the foundation bitch for our own kennel - Kreeksyde Vizslas.

A Special Thanks:

We have received a great deal of help, support, advice and encouragement from the Vizsla Community. We are very active with our local and national Vizsla clubs and events. A special thanks to the following mentors and friends: Carol Phelps (Szizlin Vizslas) and Vet Tech Debbie Johnson, who are constant sources of help and information; Florence Duggan (Auburn Vizslas) without whose help we would not have made it to our first Nationals; Liz Montgomery our handling instructor; Dennis Witzke (Witzke Vizslas) who took so much of his personal time to provide handling instruction after shows; Joseph Diaz (Moreamore Vizslas) for his advice when we were just getting started; Carol Rappaport-Davis (Starcastle Vizslas) and Joan Toepke (Artisan Vizslas) for their advice and support in our breeding endeavors; Richard Bennington & Henry Grant (Riverview Vizslas), The Fiedelmans (Yorkville Vizslas) and Patsy Dahlinghaus (Copper Creek Vizslas) for their constant support; Eddie & Jackie McAuliffe (Avatar Vizslas), Steve Hanna & Hejin Hahn (H&H Vizslas) and Richard & Kay Kraft (Boardwalk) for their constant support of our efforts in the show ring, the field and in our breeding endeavors, and for never once saying “why don’t you get a handler to show her”! 

We have made so many incredible friends along our journey so far, and we are looking forward to the future.

Proud members of the following:

Vizsla Club of America (

Vizsla Club of Greater New York (

     Christine Arnone - Trophy Chairperson

     Christopher Arnone - Fun/Field Day Committee

Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club(

     Christine Arnone - Conformation Committee & Health Committee

Vizsla Club of Long Island (

Vizsla Club of Central New England (

Annie & her daddy hangin' at the show. Photo courtesy of Andra O'Connell/Best Dogs in Motion.

"Rhys" at 5 1/2 weeks. Photos courtesy of Shawn Duckworth.

Christmas 2015 - Ginger, Ayva, Annie, Iszie